Case Study

Miami Portfolio

Miami Beach & Brickell submarket
523K size
211M at purchase
254M upon sale

Corporate Expertise

Parkway bought the asset in Miami Beach using Operating Partnership units as a mechanism to defer taxes for the Seller. Parkway needed to go through an extensive loan extension process, but we were able to extract significant value by using an unusual transaction structure. Then Parkway purchased a second asset that was previously distressed and had not fully recovered.

Investment Acumen

Parkway purchased Courvoisier Center, believing that recently completed renovations would allow for higher rental rates at this one-of-a-kind property. Parkway successfully implemented rental rate increases and other value enhancements, leading to a successful recapitalization of the asset with a foreign capital partner.

In the case of Lincoln Plaza, Parkway exited the asset into a strong capital market and created a solid return with no new leasing or rental rate increases necessary for the 100% leased asset.

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