Parkway: The Why Behind the New Brand and Website


Parkway is a privately owned, full-service real estate investment firm that currently operates 12.4 million square feet of commercial office assets in Houston, TX; Raleigh, NC; Miami, FL and Orlando, FL.

We strive to operate our properties with two goals in mind: to make our partners more profitable and our tenants more productive.

To better achieve this goal and to better align our brand with the multi-billion dollar enterprise Parkway has become, we successfully rebranded and launched a new website.


We needed a modern website to showcase the quality and breadth of our industry experience and investment expertise. Since Jim Heistand founded Eola Capital in 2000, we’ve acquired, developed or sold over $14 billion of assets in more than 18 high-growth markets across the United States.

To reflect this success, we built a premium website with a modern UI and an engaging UX.

The first viewport on the homepage is information rich to communicate our past successes in a minimal amount of space.

The Story page features an interactive timeline of Parkway’s history with side-scrolling. Blending photographic content with significant milestones, this engaging tool provides a look into where we’ve come from.

Available from the Performance page, our new case studies offer an inside look at our accomplishments in premium markets like Atlanta, GA; Austin, TX and Phoenix, AZ.

pky mobile website mockup

In addition to showcasing past success, the new website explains our investment strategy, operational standards, and corporate expertise moving forward.


Our brand is more than a company name and logo. The Parkway brand consists of our values, purpose, voice, color palette, layout standards, brandmark, and more. As part of our rebrand, all of the above underwent a transformation from the ground up, starting with our core identity.

Brand identity

We worked with the team at Big Vision to redefine our brand identity, consisting of our values, archetypes, copy tone, and writing guidelines.

Our values guide how we act and speak as a company. They are the virtues that we strive to embody in our day-to-day interactions with our tenants, investors, and colleagues.

Our values can be divided into three categories: who we are, what we do, and how we do it.

our values

Visual identity

We also redefined our visual identity, consisting of elements like brandmark, color palette, layouts, designs, typography, and more.

Our brandmark has been given a modest refresh that highlights our commitments to consistency, trust, and innovation. The typography has been made sturdier and features wider tracking that allows the text to feel more spacious. The mark itself has been recreated using a grid (fig. a) to appear more symmetrical and proportional. By removing the square cutout window, our mark now scales down to even smaller sizes without sacrificing legibility.

pky mark grid
Brandmark inside grid

In addition, multiple versions of our mark have been created so that there is an optimized version for every use case.

pky brand mark versions

Experience our new website and brand today

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