Green Operations and Sustainability: How we do it in Houston


High-performance, green buildings aren’t just beneficial for the environment. They also have a direct and positive impact on investment returns and competitiveness in the marketplace.

With new technologies, regulatory requirements, investor demands, and a greater push for transparency, the pressure to implement new efficiencies and mitigate risks becomes more important every year.

Parkway’s Houston portfolio is ahead of the curve in this regard with the policies and commitments we’ve made in sustainability. From energy retrofits to creative reuse projects, our property teams continually find innovative ways to green our building operations.

  • 4 Assets
  • 19 Buildings
  • 8.7 Million Leasable Square Feet
  • $1.9 Billion in Asset Value
  • 17/19 Buildings ENERGY STAR Labeled in 2017
  • 85 ENERGY STAR Average Score
  • 18/19 Buildings LEED Certified: 14 Gold, 1 Silver, 3 Certified

For both the 2016 and 2017 calendar years, 18 of the 19 buildings in Parkway’s Houston portfolio were LEED certified. In 2016, eight of those buildings were recognized as LEED Silver and nine were LEED Gold. In 2017, we improved our operations sufficiently to earn 14 LEED Gold.

Capital Investments

In recent years, our properties have benefitted from millions of dollars of capital investments to improve their energy and environmental performance. Some of our properties have been engaged in multi-year projects to upgrade major HVAC equipment and overhaul aging central plants. In addition, we have undertaken major garage and common area lighting retrofits and installed CO2 sensors and dimmable stairwell lighting as part of our overall energy efficiency programs.

Real-time Energy Management

In late 2017, we also partnered with Bractlet, Inc. to initiate a real-time energy management and equipment monitoring program throughout our Houston portfolio. Bractlet’s proprietary energy management and diagnostic tools provide some of the real estate industry’s most innovative solutions for optimizing building performance and maximizing invested capital. Parkway began using Bractlet’s system in 2018 to identify and evaluate additional infrastructure modernization and optimization opportunities across the Houston portfolio based on real-time operational data.

Partner with industry leaders in green operations and sustainability best-practices.

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