Parkway strives to create long-term shareholder value by investing in quality office properties in high-growth Sunbelt markets.

Our focus on growing cities and markets in the Sunbelt takes advantage of population trends and leverages our operating team's superior knowledge of these markets.

Our Assets

Building Submarket Total Space PKY Ownership Role
Total Square Footage:   17,684,452  
550 Greens Parkway Houston 72,050 Fee Simple
5300 Memorial Houston 153,626 Fee Simple
Comerica Bank Building Houston 194,252 Fee Simple
One Commerce Green Houston 340,956 Fee Simple
Town and Country Houston 148,936 Fee Simple
Phoenix Tower Houston 629,054 Fee Simple
San Felipe Plaza Houston 980,472 Fee Simple
CityWestPlace Houston 1,475,000 Fee Simple
One Congress Plaza Austin 518,385 Fee Simple
San Jacinto Center Austin 410,248 Fee Simple
City Centre Jackson 267,700 Fee Simple
Squaw Peak Corporate Center Phoenix 288,585 Fee Simple
Hayden Ferry Lakeside Phoenix 768,000 Fund II
Tempe Gateway Phoenix 259,365 Fee Simple
U.S. Airways Building Phoenix 225,000 Fee Simple
Hillsboro Center V Ft. Lauderdale 116,116 Fee Simple
Hillsboro Center I-IV Ft. Lauderdale 99,851 Fee Simple
Riverplace South Jacksonville 112,400 Fee Simple
Stein Mart Building Jacksonville 196,332 Fee Simple
245 Riverside Jacksonville 135,286 Fund II
Deerwood North Jacksonville 496,373 Fee Simple
Deerwood South Jacksonville 521,845 Fee Simple
Citrus Center Orlando 260,751 Fee Simple
Bank of America Center Orlando 421,069 Fund II
One Orlando Centre Orlando 355,783 Fee Simple
Millenia Park One Orlando 157,291 Fee Simple
Corporate Center IV at International Plaza Tampa 250,097 Fund II
Cypress Center I Tampa 152,758 Fund II
Cypress Center II Tampa 50,697 Fund II
Cypress Center III Tampa 82,871 Fund II
Westshore Corporate Center Tampa 169,619 Fund II
The Pointe Tampa 252,455 Fund II
Cypress Center IV Tampa 93,150 Fund II
Corporate Center I at International Plaza Tampa 391,319 Fee Simple
Corporate Center II at International Plaza Tampa 290,648 Fee Simple
Corporate Center III at International Plaza Tampa 292,357 Fee Simple
Lincoln Place Miami 139,887 Fee Simple
Courvoisier Centre Miami 345,568 Fee Simple
3350 Peachtree Atlanta 409,231 Fee Simple
3344 Peachtree Atlanta 484,527 Fund II
3348 Peachtree Atlanta 258,000 Fee Simple
7000 Central Park Atlanta 415,324 Fee Simple
The Forum Atlanta 220,000 Fee Simple
One Buckhead Plaza Atlanta 462,000 Fee Simple
Hearst Tower Charlotte 970,002 Fee Simple
Nascar Plaza Charlotte 395,000 Pending
Two Liberty Place Philadelphia 938,776 Fund II